Reseller Program

About the Reseller Program

Reselling as a concept is quite simple: You purchase one or more of our plans, using our prices, and resell them to you clients, using your prices. You use our fast servers, our secure and reliable equipment, but we never come in contact with your clients.

Do I get benefits when I become a Reseller?

Yes, quite a few:

  • You charge your clients as much as you want, you keep the difference and make a profit right there.
  • No setup fees when you transfer a domain, amazing discounts on setup fees after the 4th domain!
  • The more accounts you resell, the more profit you make by taking advantage of the following discounted prices per resold account that apply to all our resellers:

  Plan 3 Setup fee
2-10 accounts $17.95/mo. $29
11-20 accounts $16.95/mo. $9
21 - ... accounts $14.95/mo. NO SETUP

  Plan 4 Setup fee
2-10 accounts $25.95/mo. $29
11-20 accounts $22.95/mo. $9
21 - ... accounts $19.95/mo. NO SETUP

  Plan 5 Setup fee
2-10 accounts $36.95/mo. $29
11-20 accounts $32.95/mo. $9
21 - ... accounts $29.95/mo. NO SETUP

Who can become a Reseller?

Anyone can become a reseller as long as you have at least one account with us already. There are no restrictions as to what plan you should have either. You can have a Plan 2 and resell e.g. a Plan 4. It's up to you.

How can I become a Reseller?

The fist thing to do is get an account. Check the box that asks if you are interested in becoming a Reseller and you will be assigned a Reseller Identification Number that we will use to track your resold accounts and apply all the discounts.

Every time you wish to get a new domain, you can just use our on line order form, each time giving us your Reseller Number. We'll set up the account that you can then pass on to your client.

What of I want to resell disk space that is part of my own account?

There is no charge for reselling space from your own account. In this case your client will be hosted under some subdirectory on your site (e.g. http://yourdomain/client). You may add domain pointers (aliases) to subdirectories for just $10.95/mo per alias.

Keep in mind that when you resell space like this, you will have to share with your client the features (disk space, data transfer, etc.) that come with your account. So for example you will still be charged extra if the total disk space for you and your client together exceeds the one that comes with your Plan.

Can I resell subdomains to my account?

YES! We are pleased to offer this option to our resellers! If for example you have a domain something.com then you can use the domain name anything.something.com instead of registering a new domain with InterNIC. You may choose to have that subdomain point to a subdirectory on your account so that you won't have to pay the $70 InterNIC fee! All pointers to subdirectories on your account have a small extra monthly charge of $10.95.

Who will be billing my clients and how much?

You will be responsible for billing your clients as well as for deciding how much you will charge them. We will not apply any restrictions on the prices you may use.

Who will be setting up the accounts for my clients?

Every time you want to resell an account, just fill out our standard on-line order form and we will set up the account as usual. We will send you the IP address, username and password and you can then pass that information on to your client. Be sure to indicate that the account you are ordering is a resell account!

Do I get a separate login name and password for my client's site?

Yes, for every domain you order you will be receiving a new login name and password that your clients will be able to use to manage their domain. This will include an FTP and a telnet account.

What about tech support?

You will be responsible for answering any questions that your clients might have. If you are uncertain about how to answer a client's question, you can always ask our Tech Support staff and then pass their answer on to your client.

Is there any way I can accept credit cards from my customers?

Yes, MJourney offers the best and fastest way for you to accept credit card orders from your clients. For more information please visit MJCredit, a division of MJourney Communications.

Reseller Program Terms & Conditions?

You should make sure that all your clients read and agree to our Acceptable Uses and Policy. Anyone using our services is bounded by the terms of this policy.

Please refer questions to sales@mjourney.com


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