PerlShopTM Manual
(version 3.1)

(Print out a copy of this manual and use it to check off each step as you complete it, and make a backup copy of the perlshop script before making any changes)
(If there are any errors or omissions in this manual, please email:

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Upgrading from a prior version
  3. Installing the Script
  4. Customizing the Script
    1. Server Customization
    2. Company Customization
  5. Creating the Catalog Pages
    1. Catalog Page Format
      1. Entering the store
      2. Server Independence
      3. Built-in Navigation tags
      4. Custom Navigation tags
        1. Navigation using Forms
        2. Navigation using Links
      5. Single Item Selection Forms
      6. Multiple Item Selection forms
      7. Optional Tags
      8. Order of Html Tags
    2. Automating Catalog Page Creation
  6. Appendix
    1. Security
      1. File Security
      2. Transaction Security
    2. Cookies
    3. Online Payment Methods
      1. First Virtual
      2. SecureOrder
    4. Debugging
    5. Output File Formats
      1. Customer File
      2. Order File
      3. Log Files
        1. Page Hits File
        2. Search Hits File
    6. Requirements


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