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This form will allow you to submit your problem directly to our Tech Support department. We handle a large volume of communications every day, so we request your patience in reply; but rest assured one of our technicians will address the issue as soon as possible.

Please check our documentation first if you are unsure how to set something up. Use this form if your site is not working properly. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can diagnose the problem. If you are having billing problems, please email sales@mjourney.com.

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I get the Apache Indian / TV test pattern when I browse my site.
I get a message that says "Sorry, this web page is not in service"
  when I browse my site.
My browser says "No DNS entry" when I try to browse my site.
I get a "Timeout Error" when trying to publish using FrontPage.
I get an "Index of:" listing when I browse my site.
I get an "Insecure Key" error when linking to the Secure Server
I forgot my username/password/IP address, etc.
  To verify, who owns this account? (name and email)
Local links don't work / my images aren't coming up on the web.
Can't view my logs in the Control Panel.
When I try to browse my domain, it goes to my old provider.
My hit counter (UNIX, not FrontPage) doesn't work.
Mail from certain domains to my domain is getting rejected.

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